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Kalyana-Kalpataru (Divine Lila Number)


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    Kalyana-Kalpataru (Divine Lila Number)

    Kalyana-Kalpataru (Divine Lila Number)

    Código del Artículo: IDI043

    por Keshoram Aggarwal

    Paperback (Edición: 2006)

    Gita Press Gorakhpur

    Tamaño: 5.2"X 7.8"
    Páginas: 392 (Colour Illustrations: 8)

    Precio: Euro 12.58

    Sri Krsna Dwaipayana Vyasa has finished composing seventeen Puranas. He did it in order to get rid of the inner agony and unrest, which was bothering him since long. He started composing Puranas with the hope that it will bring him peace. But he found himself standing exactly where he was before he started his saga. The real peace of mind is still away from him. He is worried. It is on this point that the celestial sage Narada appears on the scene and makes a discreet enquiry about his well-being Vyasa unreservedly opens his heart before the reverent sage and requests him to suggest some remedy. The omniscient Narada suggests to Vyasa to compose Srimad Bhagavata exclusively based on the Divine Lilas of Sri Krsna the Lord Paripurnatama. Vyasa did it and after the completion of composing the Mahapuranaand narrating and singing the Lilas of Lord Supreme He found all his mental restlessness gone. His heart was as blissful and unwavering as a lamp in a room where there is no wind.

    More or less five centuries back a great devotee saint and scholarly poet Narayana in Kerala composed his small but very beautiful and famous Narayaniyam consisting of one thousand and thirty six verses. It is said that he had paralysis due to his own Guru Bhakti. His Guru was suffering seriously from paralysis and his pain was unbearably acute. Narayana was extremely pained to see his Guru moaning and groaning day in and day out. One day on a sacred occasion he took over the disease of his Guru as Dana. Since that very day his Guru started improving and he himself started feeling unwell. After some time he became so serious that he could not even walk a few steps. One day some mahatma felt pity on him and suggested him to sing the Lilas of the Lord MahavisnuNarayana went to Guru Vayur and there remaining in the precints of the temple he started composing sweet and beautiful Slokas narrating the Lilas sported by the Lord in hall his ten incarnations. In other words he started composing Bhagavata in its abridged form. Everyday he composed about ten verses i. e. one decade a day. The Project engaged him for one hundred days. And at the end he found himself completely free from the disease.

    These two incidents are sufficient to prove that any object worldly or otherworldly can be achieved by chanting divine Lilas of the Lord sincerely with undivided devotion.

    In literature we find mentions of Tapovanas(forest where the ascetics used to practise austere penance) where we learn that even the animals abandoned the feeling of natural enmity as between a cow and a tiger; a cat and a rat and the like and lived together in friendly atmosphere. From the above we can safely draw the conclusion that if we are really desirous of finding ultimate peace and bliss we have got to take refuge under the Lord Almighty and make a complete surrender at his feet.

    With this purpose Kalyana- Kalpataru is presenting its Divine Lila Number in which we have tried to show that whatever is happening or will happen is nothing but the Divine Lila of the Lord Supreme. Whatever is dine in the universe there is secret and hidden divine motive that exhilarates the wheel of universal welfare in the right direction. Even in most unwanted happenings there is some divine hand pointing and leading towards ultimate good: it is another thing that we are unable to recognize the divine will and its beneficial effect. We fail to realize that the omnipotent Lord is always in a sportive mood and everything that takes place is simply his Lila. Lila is a word broadly used covering a very wide range. In the Sanskrit poetics its use is very limited. Generally Lila is imitating how the beloved behaves.

    According to the Bhagavata the divine Lilas are done as a divine grace upon human beings. By listening these Lilas they can attain bliss and liberation.

    I thank my colleagues who have spared no pains in bringing about this issue in the present from and without whose assistance in would not have been possible at all for me to do so.



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