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Orissa of Gods and Mortals


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Historia (1446)




























Orissa of Gods and Mortals

Orissa of Gods and Mortals

Código del Artículo: IHL695

por Arunjeet Banerjee

Paperback (Edición: 2009)

Rupa & Co.
ISBN 9788129114891

Tamaño: 10.8 inch X 8.4 inch
Páginas: 136 (Illustrated Throughout In Full Color)
Weight of the Book: 600 gms

Precio: Euro 26.68

Back of the Book

Orissa: Of Gods and Mortals is the result of almost two years of research and putting together a wealth of information that highlight the state as a major tourist attraction. Orissa abounds with great cultural and historical wealth apart from its rich and diverse natural heritage. Incredibly rich in temples, arts and crafts, Orissa is also home to much of nature‘s splendour in the form of its beaches, luxuriant wooded sanctuaries, breathtaking waterfalls and giant lakes. Despite the inevitable march towards modernisation and progress it remains in many ways an antique land. This book is an attempt to promote Orissa as a significant tourist destination and also to fill-in a gap that exists by way of visual images of various aspects of Orissa in one place.

Arunjeet Banerjee turned his back on concrete over a decade ago when he first visited Corbett National Park with an amateur camera. Here began a journey which would take him across forests, deserts, marshlands, backwaters and mofussil India. After almost a decade of literally making the wild his second home, he now focuses on travel destinations, shooting the common with the rare. His write-ups and pictures have been published by leading travel magazines of the country. His aim is to showcase India to its people and abroad as a destination of choice and to bring out the quintessential Indianness of his country, be it destinations, landscapes, people, nature, religion or culture. He is the Director-in-Charge, Finance and Accounts of A H Wheeler & Co. (P) Ltd., a leading book retail company.


My affair with Orissa started with an assignment from India Today Travel Plus and I shall remain ever indebted to them for having introduced me to this wonderful state. Its ancient history, beautifully sculpted temples, pristine beaches, lush forests and friendly people have created a very special niche in my heart. These memories of repeated visits over the last three years keep coming back to me again and again, filling me with immense joy.

Faced with an assignment, I, like many enthusiastic travel photographers, wanted to showcase Orissa from a perspective that was not yet conceived of. My pictures had to be different from other photographers. This made it imperative to research the available visual history on Orissa. I thought it was going to be a simple task. Unfortunately, when I started out with my research, I found a total lack of collated visual information on all aspects of the state at one place. There were books which dealt with specific aspects of Orissa such as textiles and tribes but none at all that focused on, and highlighted, this gorgeous state as an important tourist destination especially considering the fact that Orissa possesses practically everything that a tourist might be looking for and is still comparatively unexplored, far out from the reaches of the mad rush that other tourist spots experience.

My research on Orissan visual history remained a dream and I had to make do with whatever was available at that point in time. At the same time I felt there was a definite need for a visual reference on Orissa, one that would highlight the immense tourism potential of the state so that people can get a sense of what the state has to offer—a kind of armchair travel book (as opposed to a traditional guidebook) with pictorial rather than textual depictions of places. Thus, the book took birth during one my trips to Gopalpur when, sitting out one morning on the beach at sunrise I wondered why this state was neglected in comparison to the others where tourism and related infrastructure is concerned. Rupa and Co. very kindly agreed to publish it and kept egging me on to complete the project.

This is a humble effort to showcase my photographs of this amazing land of Lord Jagannatha without whose blessings, my effort would never have fructified. I offer this book to Him and the people of Orissa. While I have tried to incorporate as much visual reference as possible, I know for certain that there still is a lot of scope for further inclusions and improvements. I would welcome suggestions from my readers as I firmly believe that a successful book evolves over time through the implementation of constructive feedback from its readers.


India in miniature could aptly describe Orissa, for it encapsulates a legacy of the highest I traditions as well as cultural and religious diversities. Incredibly rich in arts and crafts, it is also home to much of nature’s splendour in the form of its beaches, luxuriant wooded sanctuaries, breathtaking waterfalls and giant lakes. Despite the inevitable march towards modernisation and progress it remains in many ways an antique land. Archaeologists have excavated sites here that pre- date the birth of Jesus Christ and anthropologists list as many as sixty—two prevailing tribes, many of whom are still in the most primitive stages of civilisation.

Located between the parallels 17.49-N and 22.34-N latitudes and meridians 8l.27—E and 87.29-E longitudes, Orissa is bound by the Bay of Bengal on the east, Chhattisgarh on the west and Andhra Pradesh on the south. To the north lie the states of West Bengal and Jharkhand. It encompasses a total area of over 155,707 sq. km. with a vast coastline of approximately 450 km. The coastal region of Orissa stretches from the River Subarnarekha in the north to the river Rushikulya in the south. Aptly referred to as the ‘Hexadeltaic region’, the area is gifted with six rivers that form several deltas of varied sizes. The major rivers of the state cut deep and narrow valleys, further adding to the magnificent landscape.

Three—fourths of the entire state comprises mostly hills and mountains of the Eastern Ghats, and the average height of these is about 900 m above sea level. Forming the western slopes of the Ghats are the eroded plateaus, the Panposh—Keonjhar—Pallahara comprising the upper Baitarani catchment basin and the Nabrangpur-Jeypore plateau comprising the Sabari Basin. Within the wooded forest, one can rind numerous waterfalls either at the point of origin of Orissa’s major rivers or at the foothills.

Various lakes apart from the Chilika divide the landscape further adding to the picturesque setting. Ansupa, a sweet water lake, located in Banki in Cuttack district is 3 km in length and l.5 km in breadth. Sara, another sweet water lake located near Puri, is 5 km long and 3 km wide. Spread over 134 acres is Lake Kanjia in Nandankanan near Bhubaneswar.


Preface IX

Acknowledgements XI

Introduction XIII

History 1

People 4

Wildlife 22

Places of Tourist Attraction 38

Festivals 70

Handicrafts 84

Textiles 98

Dress 102

Cuisine 110

Art 114

Literature 118

Dance forms 122

Music 128

Prominent Personalities 130


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A Fine Portrait of Chenrezig (Shadakshari Lokeshvara)

Thangka Paintings

  • A Fine Portrait of Chenrezig

  • Kalachakra Mandala

  • Cosmos of Healing

  • Future Buddha Maitreya

  • Mandala of compassion

  • Thirty-five Buddhas of Confession

  • Bhavachakra (The Wheel of Life) and

  • A detailed Tibetan Medicinal Painting



Hindu Paintings

Five-headed Sadashiva
  • Goddess Durga Slaying Demons

  • Goddess Bhairavi

  • Five-headed Sadashiva

  • Shiva Family

  • Goddess Durga as Jaya and Small Circular Portraits of Adishakti Mahakali - Who Rules Over Time

  • Mahavidya Goddess Tara

  • Mahalakshmi

  • Jagat Narayana Vishnu and Shri Varaha.



Goddess Lakshmi

Large Paintings

Eight Antiquated Framed Artworks. The Subjects are:

  • Radha Krishna on a Swing

  • Majestic Lord Rama

  • Goddess Lakshmi, Saraswati and Gajalakshmi

  • Dancing Ganesha and

  • Ladoo Gopal.



Oil Paintings



  • The Modern Art of Saurabh Bharara. Rose(s)

  • Thirst

  • Landscape

  • Ambition and

  • The Dark Dream.


Vishnu's Vaman Incarnation

Traditional Subjects by Anup Gomay:

  • Vishnu's Vaman Incarnation and

  • Goddess Saraswati (Inspired by Raja Ravi Verma).




Satyanarayan Puja

Pata Chitra from Orissa

  • Eighteen New Paintings from the Young Master Rabi Behera, whose dexterity shows up not only in his firm control of the lines, but also his vibrant hues.

  • The highlight this month are visual depictions of the six seasons.



Kalamkari Paintings from Andhra Pradesh

The Descent of Goddess Ganga from Heaven
  • Tree of Life

  • A Huge Rama Durbar

  • Lord Shiva and Parvati with Nandi

  • Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi

  • Rati and Kamadeva on their Parrot

  • The Composite Figure of Shiva and Durga Together

  • A Divided Panel Showing Various Episodes from Ramayana

  • The Descent of Goddess Ganga from Heaven and

  • Dashavatara, the Ten Incarnations of Lord Vishnu.



Goddess Saraswati

Madhubani Painting from Bihar

  • Goddess Saraswati in a Colorful Rendition

  • Goddess Kali

  • Krishna Dancing on the Serpent Kaliya

  • Elephants and Birds and

  • Rasamandala of Krishna with Gopis.



Shiva Family

Marble Paintings

  • Marble Plates adorned with the images of various deities and also

  • Designs inspired by the Taj Mahal.

  • In addition there are Embossed Jewelry designs.



Lady with Veena (Deccan School)

Mughal Paintings

  • A Fine Painting from the Deccan School of a Lady Carrying a Veena, and

  • Two basic studies of the camel.






Now View Multiple Views of All Our Saris

Purple Banarasi Sari with Golden Bootis and Brocaded Anchal
Purple Banarasi Sari with Golden Bootis and Brocaded Anchal
Purple Banarasi Sari with Golden Bootis and Brocaded Anchal
Purple Banarasi Sari with Golden Bootis and Brocaded Anchal


Red Bridal Sari with All-Over Embroidered Sequins
Red Bridal Sari with All-Over Embroidered Sequins
Red Bridal Sari with All-Over Embroidered Sequins
Red Bridal Sari with All-Over Embroidered Sequins


Robin-Egg Turquoise Kantha Sari with Hand-Embroidered Birds
Robin-Egg Turquoise Kantha Sari with Hand-Embroidered Birds
Robin-Egg Turquoise Kantha Sari with Hand-Embroidered Birds
Robin-Egg Turquoise Kantha Sari with Hand-Embroidered Birds



Stoles and Shawls

Thirty New Pieces, tantalizingly glamorous

Ivory Floral Embroidered Ari Stole from Kashmir
Green Resham Tehra Stole with Paisleys Woven All Over
Beige Shawl with Kantha Stitch Embroidered Flowers by Hand
Ivory Floral Embroidered Ari Stole from Kashmir Chic Green Resham Tehra Stole with Paisleys All Over Beige Shawl with Hand Kantha Stitch


Multi-Color Jamawar Stole with All-Over Woven Paisleys
Blue and Gray Bandhani Dupatta from Gujarat
Multi-Color Jamawar Stole Blue and Gray Tie and Dye Dupatta from Gujarat



Salwar Kameez

Now for the first time ever, Suits from Afghanistan.

White Ghagra Choli from Kutch with Embroidered Sequins and Embroidery
Aqua Anarkali Choodidaar Suit Heavily Beaded at Neck
Burgundy Choodidaar Velvet Suit with Thread Embroidery and Sequins
White Ghagra Choli from Kutch with Embroidered Sequins and Embroidery
Suit with Heavily Beaded Neck Burgundy Choodidaar Velvet Suit



Ladies' Tops

Now for the first time ever, Suits from Afghanistan.

Kutch Embroidered Kurti from Gujarat with Sequins
Lime-Green Layered Reversible Waistcoat
Mustard Chikan Embroidered Kurti Top with Stole
Navy-Blue Kashmiri Jacket with Embroidered Flowers
Beige Long Silk Jacket with Embroidered Flowers in White Thread
Kutch Embroidered Kurti from Gujarat with Sequins
Lime-Green Layered Reversible Waistcoat Mustard Chikan Embroidered Kurti Top with Stole Navy-Blue Kashmiri Jacket Beige Long Silk Jacket with Flowers in White Thread



Kurta Pajamas (and other Traditional Men's Wear from India)

Fifty New Pieces for Men with Taste
Red Wedding Kurta Pajama with Woven Stripes and Embroidery on Neck
Buddhist Monk Costume
Ivory Kurta Pajama with Stripes in Self and Embroidery on Neck
Royal-Blue Brocaded Jacket from Nepal with Woven Dharma Motifs
Black Waistcoat from Afghanistan with Golden Threadwork and Mirrors
White Dhoti from Kerala with Silver Weave on Border
Red Wedding Kurta Pajama
Buddhist Monk Costume Ivory Kurta Pajama in Cotton Brocaded Jackets Black Waistcoat from Afghanistan with Golden Threadwork and Mirrors White Dhoti from Kerala with Silver Weave on Border



Made to Order Salwar Kameez

Ten New Fabrics, Shimmering with the Desire to Adorn You

Beige Banarasi Suit Fabric with All-Over Woven Paisleys
Turquoise Salwar Kameez Fabric with Printed Flowers
Mustard and Teal Salwar Kameez Fabric with Painted Leaves
Banarasi Suit Fabric
Turquoise Salwar Kameez with Flowers Sizzling Mustard



Announcing the Launch of the New Section on Skirts

Scarlet Sanganeri Short Wrap-On Skirt with Printed Elephant Procession
Red Wrap-On Printed Skirt
Printed Purple Harem Trousers
Skirt with Procession of Elephants
Shimmering Satin Skirts Harem Trousers



Hindu Sculpture

Kamalasana Ganesha


Lord Ganesha in Many Moods and Materials.




Awesome Nataraja


  • Shirdi Sai Baba

  • Awesome Nataraja

  • Ardhanarishvara

  • Shri Rama Durbar

  • Blessing Lord Shiva

  • A Fine Tribal Sculpture of Goddess Saraswati

  • Lakshmi JI Blessing and Dancing

  • Radha Rani with a Parrot and

  • Hanuman in his typical posture lifting up the Mountain of Herbs.


  • Blessing Lord Shiva, as also a very fine plate depicting him in his Awesome Dance

  • Shri Rama, Sita, Lakshman and Hanuman Returning Ayodhya on the Boat of Kevat (Tribal Sculpture from Bastar)

  • Nataraja in Om

  • Little Ganesha with Large Ears

  • Mallikarjuna Linga and

  • Lakshmi - Goddess of Fortune and Wealth.

Goddess Bhairavi


  • Deities from South India in Papier Machie - Radha Krishna

  • Rakta Ganapati

  • Bhairava and

  • Bhairavi.




Sculptures from Nepal

A Superfine Buddha from Nepal
  • Goddess Tara Wall Hanging Mask

  • Buddha Head inlaid with gems

  • Buddha in Parinirvana and

  • A Superfine Buddha in the Bhumisparsha Mudra.



Eleven Headed Thousand Armed Avalokiteshvara


  • Eleven Headed Thousand Armed Avalokiteshvara, as only the Nepalese can make him

  • Goddess Parvati on Wooden Base

  • Vajrasattva

  • Maitreya - The Future Buddha and

  • A Wall Hanging Plate with Garuda.



Pancha-mukhi Lalitasana Ganesha

Large Sculptures

  • Lord Shiva, his right hand raised in blessing

  • A Fluting Black Krishna.

  • Four Ganeshas: Relaxing, Seated on his Rat; An Awesome Piece with Five Heads and in a Panel with Dancing Figures.




Buddha Under the Bodhi Tree

Buddhist Sculpture

A beautiful blooming Bodhi Tree under which sits the Buddha, his body glowing with the luster of gold.




Laughing Buddha Mask Made at the Norbulingka Institute

A Fine Laughing Buddha mask in bronze made at the Norbulingka Institute.





Standing Blessing Buddha



A Standing Buddha in stone with Flowing Robes.





Ritual Items

Pair of Monastery Butter Lamps
  • Lingas in Black and White

  • A Pair of Fine Monastery Lamps

  • A Ritual Kettle Topped with Elephants and marked with Auspicious Symbols

  • A Nut Cracker with Human Figures

  • An Incense Burner with Dragons

  • Prayer Wheels

  • A Ritual Box Handcrafted at the Norbulingka Institute and

  • Deeplakshmi on Elephant (Tribal Sculpture from Bastar).

Puja Thali



Puja Thalis





Mahatma Gandhi - Messiah of Peace and Nonviolence

Wood Carvings

  • Five Sculptures in Kadamba Wood from Jaipur, including one of Mahatma Gandhi and

  • Five Carvings from Workshops attached to Temples in South India






850 Pairs

Sterling Earrings
Butterfly Inlay Earrings
Faceted Amethyst Earrings
Plain Sterling Silver Butterflies from Nepal With Faceted Gemstones




Claw Shaped Inlay Pendant
Fossil Pendant
Faceted Carnelian Pendant
Nail Pendants Fossil Pendants Large Pendants




Rainbow Moonstone Ring
Faceted Citrine Ring
Amethyst Dragon Ring
Turquoise Ring
Sparkling Rainbow Moonstone Rings Faceted Gemstone Rings Dragon Rings Fine Turquoise Rings




Plain Turquoise Nuggets Bracelet with Sterling Beads
Faceted Green Onyx and Yellow Aventurine Stretch Bracelet
Turquoise Nuggets with Sterling Beads Stretch Bracelet


Sterling Bracelet
Larimar Bracelet
Snake Bracelet Larimar Bracelet


Azure Malachite Ring



The total now exceeds 600

  • Triple-Hued

  • Turquoise-Coral

  • Cubic Zirconia Necklaces form the new attractions.>



Lord Ganesha Ring


Hindu Jewelry

Lord Ganesha Finger Ring in Brass





Buddhist Jewelry

Endless Knot (Ashtamangala) Ring
Kalachakra Earrings
Tibetan OM Earrings
Endless Knot Earrings and Rings The Ten Syllables of the Kalachakra Mantra Tibetan OM Earrings



Tantric Yantra Pendant

Tantra Jewelry

  • Chakra

  • Yantra

  • Goddess Jewelry



Gemstone Beads

Carved Turquoise Flower (Price Per Piece)
Emerald Cabochon Price (Per Piece)
Turquoise Flowers A Plethora of Cabochons





Hindu Bookstore

Agni - The Vedic Ritual of the Fire Altar (Set of 2 Big Volumes with Two CDs)
  • Agni - The Vedic Ritual of the Fire Altar (Set of 2 Big Volumes with Two CDs)

  • Gitartha-Sutrani (Aphorisms Concerning the Import of the Gita)

  • The Doctrine of Recognition (Pratyabhijna Philosophy)

  • Glimpses of Grace (Anecdotes About His Holiness Jagadguru Sri Sri Bharati Tirtha Mahaswamiji); Rgveda-Samhita with the Commentary of Sayanacarya (In Five Volumes): Sanskrit Only

  • Enlightenment of Ashtavakra (From Tripura-Rahasya)

  • The Mahabharata Retold by Mrinalini Sarabhai

  • The Great Epic of India (Character and Origin of the Mahabharata)

  • Guru Arjan Dev

  • Sankara's Clarification of Certain Vedantic Concepts and

  • Satyaloka in Rgveda A Study: A Rare Book


Enlightening Expositions
  • Minor Works of Sri Sankaracharya (Sanskrit Text with English Translation)

  • Vedic Concepts

  • Vedic Concepts

  • Srautasutras

  • Sri Madhvacarya's Commentary on the first forty Suktams of the Rg Veda: Sanskrit Text, Transliteration and English Translation

  • Reflections on The Taittiriya Brahmana

  • Reflections on The Taittiriya Brahmana

  • A Sage Par Excellence (Biography of the 33rd Acharya of Sri Sharada Peetham Jagadguru Sri Sri Sacchidananda Shivabhinava Narasimha Bharati Mahaswamiji

  • Gomatha (The Sacred Cow)

  • Teaching Saranagati and

  • Enlightening Expositions by His Holiness Jagadguru Sri Abhinava Vidyatheertha



Buddhist Bookstore

Buddhism In Comparative Light
  • Buddhism In Comparative Light

  • First Collection of Tibetan Historical Inscriptions on Rock and Stone Ladakh Himalaya: Text in Roman with English Translation

  • Path to the Middle (Oral Madhyamika Philosophy in Tibet)

  • The Foundational Standpoint of Madhyamika Philosophy

  • Craving and Salvation - A Study in Buddhist Soteriology

  • Liberating Intimacy - Enlightenment and Social Virtuosity in CH'AN Buddhism

  • Amala Prajna Aspects of Buddhist Studies and

  • Recent Researches in Buddhist Studies



Sri Tantralokah (Volume Three): Sanskrit Text with English Translation, Transliteration of Chapter Five, Six, Seven

Tantra Bookstore

  • English translation of Sri Tantralokah (Volume Three)

  • Bhatta Ramakantha's Commentary On The Kiranatantra: Sanskrit Text with English Translation

  • Sri Devirahasyam: From the Rudryamala Tantra (In Two Volumes) - Sanskrit Text and Hindi Translation

  • Lalitarchana-Chandrika

  • Practical Astrology: Key Highlights

  • Interpretation of Dreams

  • Secrets of Birth Time Rectification and

  • Secrets of Birth Time Rectification



Patanjali's Yoga Philosophy (Based on The Teachings of Sri Swami Satchidananda)

Yoga Bookstore

  • Yoga Darsana (Sutras of Patanjali With Bhasya of Vyasa)

  • Patanjali's Yoga Philosophy (Based on The Teachings of Sri Swami Satchidananda)

  • The Science of Self- Realization: A Guide to Spiritual Practice in the Kriya Yoga Traditon (Patanjali's Yoga-Sutras - New Translation, with Commentary) and

  • Yogic Therapy - Its Basic Principles and Methods (Published by Kaivalyadhama)



Goodbye Headache

Alternative Medicine Bookstore

  • Goodbye Headache

  • Yoga and Ayurveda

  • Body and Beauty Care and

  • Ayurvedic Aahar: The Scientific Diet



Maha-Subhasita-Samgraha (Being a Huge Collection of Wise Sayings in Sanskrit with English Translation and Notes): The Most Comprehensive Collection of Sanskrit Quotations Ever in Eight Volumes (A Rare Book)

Language and Literature Bookstore

  • Now Available, the World's Largest Collection of Sanskrit Quotations with English Translation in Eight Volumes.

  • A Must for Every Connoisseur



Brief Candle: Three Plays by Mahesh Dattani
  • Let's Learn and Read Gujarati (With Roman Transliteration)

  • Indian English Literature (In Eight Parts): Prescribed Course Study Material at the Indira Gandhi University

  • Lectures on Manuscriptology

  • A Tibetan-English Dictionary (With Special Reference to the Prevailing Dialects)

  • Atisa and His Time Machine Adventures with Hieun Tsang

  • Relationships Between Tamil and Sanskrit

  • The World's Funniest Folktales

  • A Treasury of Indian Wisdom

  • The Four Sacred Prayers of the Avesta

  • Brief Candle: Three Plays by Mahesh Dattani and

  • Bad Moon Rising (The Puffin Book of Mystery Stories)



Kathakali The Sacred Dance Drama of Malabar

Performing Arts Bookstore

  • Kuttampalam & Kutiyattam (A Study of the Traditional Theatre for the Sanskrit Drama of Kerala)

  • Compositions of Saint Tyagaraja

  • Pancharatna Kritis of Saint Tyagaraja and

  • Kathakali The Sacred Dance Drama of Malabar



Indian History Bookstore

Maoist and Other Armed Conflicts
  • Ahmedabad - From Royal City to Megacity

  • A Lament: Was Partition Inescapable

  • Delhi Mums Guide

  • Selected Writings of Jotirao Phule

  • Modern Science in the Ancient Land

  • Four Forts of the Deccan

  • Maoist and Other Armed Conflicts

  • Beloved of the Gods (A Story of Ashoka the Great)

  • The Early Cultural Relations of India and Iran

  • Across The LOC: Inside Pakistan-Administered Jammu and Kashmir

  • Going Places: India's Small-Town Cricket Heroes

  • Illustrated History of India

  • India Unlimited: A Corporate Journey and

  • Confucius (Ethics, Culture and Politics)



Books on Indian Art and Architecture

The Darbhanga Gita-Govinda
  • The Darbhanga Gita-Govinda

  • Silk Sarees of Tamil Nadu

  • Siva Mahadeva - The Great God (An Exposition of the Symbolism of Siva): A Rare Book

  • A Dictionary of Silk in India

  • Temples of Trssoor District (Kerala) and

  • The Compendium on Ganesa



Indian Philosophy Bookstore

The Fire of Truth - Discovering your Unique Individuality
  • A Study of Time In Indian Philosophy

  • The World Beyond Time

  • Derrida and Indian Philosophy

  • Gangesa on Yogarudhi

  • Intuition of Reality

  • Sankara's Clarification of Certain Vedantic Concepts

  • Aparoksanubhuti or Self-Realization Or Rajayoga of Sankaracarya (Original Sanskrit Text, Transliteration with English Translation)

  • Consciousness

  • Gangesa's Theory of Truth (Containing The Text of Gangesa's Pramanya (Jnapti) Vada

  • Indian Philosophy and Text Science

  • The Fire of Truth - Discovering your Unique Individuality



Unbound Indian Women @ Work

Sociology and Anthropology Bookstore

  • Books Published by the Anthropological Survey of India: The Yerukula An Ethnographic Study

  • Growth and Development of Bengalee Girls

  • The Himalayas and The Himalayans and

  • Unbound Indian Women @ Work





Shankaragamala: A Celebration of The Maestro’s Music By His Disciples (Set of 3 Audio CDs)

Indian Classical Music

Twenty Five New Titles

  • Celebrating the Instruments

  • Seasons

  • Ragas

  • Landscape of India



Essential Morning Chants (With Booklet Inside) (Audio CD)

CDs on Hinduism

  • Bhajans and Hymns on Lord Dattatreya

  • Morning Chants

  • Krishna Mantras

  • Two titles on Astachhap Haveli Sangeet.



Best of Bulleh Shah And Shah Hussain (MP3)

Sufi Music

  • Four New CDs of Abida Parveen

  • The Best of Hans Raj Hans

  • Best of Bulleh Shah And Shah Hussain (MP3)

  • Legends of Pakistan



Absolute Bliss: Ragas For Relaxation (Audio CD)

Music Therapy

  • Ragas for Relaxation

  • Spa Music for Harmony and Bliss





Marriage Songs From Films: Vol. 1& 2 (Audio CD)

Bollywood CDs

Marriage Songs from Films





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Cherry Lip Therapy (Rehydrates, Heals & Protects)
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Anti Ageing - Natural Bathing Bar (Geranium & Grapefruit)
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  • Dal Chawal Tadka

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