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sábado, 4 de junio de 2011

Brahmavidya Abhyasa (Sure Way to The Inner Self)


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Brahmavidya Abhyasa (Sure Way to The Inner Self)

Brahmavidya Abhyasa (Sure Way to The Inner Self)

Código del Artículo: NAC097

por Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha

Hardcover (Edición: 2007)

Narayanasharma Tapovanam
ISBN 9788189588021

Tamaño: 8.7 inch X 5.7 inch
Páginas: 240
Weight of the Book: 440 gms

Precio: Euro 19.06

Back of the Book

Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha a knower of the supreme truth has guided numerous seekers towards the invaluable goal of Self Realization transforming their lives into one of joy and contentment. Swamiji’s interpretation of Bhagavadgita Upanishads and other spiritual texts coming from his experiential depth and mastery of self realization inspires seekers with the liberating touch of the transcendental knowledge.

Receiving diksa (spiritual initiation) from Baba Gangadhara Paramahamsa of Dakshinkhanda, West Bengal, Swamiji embraced sannyasa at the age of 23. Dedicating his entire life for the welfare of the world for over 50 years he has been relentlessly disseminating spiritual wisdom of Vedanta with rare clarity practicality and openness to seekers all over the world.

About the Book

Clearly analyzing the Ultimate Reality of the world in a logical but lucid manner Poojya Swamiji has presented the essence of Vedanta and Vedantic Sadhana for the contemporary world. For the serious dedicated seekers he has depicted many subtleties of the technique of tracing and realizing the Ultimate reality first hand.

Pointing out and cautioning against the widespread delusions and pitfalls, dispelling, the various myths relating to meditational experiences Swamiji through the chapters virtually handholds the seeker to take him to the pinnacle of spiritual sadhana and fulfillment.


To the Readers iii
Book 1: What is Reality
1.1 Defining Reality 3
Is the world real or unreal
Elements and their pervasiveness
The Fifth Element
Beyond Matter
Change and Changelessness go together
1.2 Tracing the Reality 15
Subject object Distinction
Constancy of ‘I’ and Superimposition
Body mind the Root of all trouble
Can ‘I’ Remain Alone
1.3 What is Self 23
Apparent and Real Natures
Atma means Itself ness
All pervasiveness of Atma
Consciousness the Divine energy
‘I’ and the Reality are one
Yajnavalkya Maitreyi Dialogue
Book 2: Sadhana the Method to trace Reality
2.1 Sravana Manana and Nididhyasana 53
Sravana (listening)
Cultivating the characteristics of a knower
The Real purpose of Sastras
Turning the mind Inward
Self a clever Intermediary
Nididhyasana (Vedantic Meditation)
Concentration A Misnomer
2.2 Understanding and treating the mind 47
change the Mind’s Direction
Mind is Manifoldness
Mind and the world are Coeval
Negate Plurality to Annihilate the mind
Negation of Plurality How and why
2.3 Reality and God Equated 59
The Mystery of Creation
Why the Drama
The Importance of Realizing the One ness
2.4 Vedantic Mediation 71
The Importance of Self effort
Feel and then Become
Body Not a Hindrance
I am the soul
Atma Anusandhana the real Sadhana
2.5 The Real technique of meditation 83
Do not wrestle with the Thoughts
Disciplining the Breath
Evenizing the mind and the breath
Feel the Consciousness
Effect of Mantra
Relationship between the mind and the Breath
Mind & Intelligence – The Four of Vedantic Sadhana
2.6 Samadhi Pinnacle of Meditational Sadhana 93
Practice of Brahma Vrtti
The Supreme Joy
Do not Miss the Goal
Jnana Samadhi or Self state
Reject Unconsciousness
The Joy Samadhi Bestows
All can Attain it


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