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miércoles, 15 de junio de 2011

Encyclopaedia of Indian Events & Dates


Encyclopaedia of Indian Events & Dates

Encyclopaedia of Indian Events & Dates

Viendo del 473 de 1581
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Código del Artículo: IDL125

por S. B.Bhattacherje

Hardcover (Edición: 2006)

New Dawn Press, Inc.
ISBN 193270549X

Tamaño: 8.8” X 5.8”
Páginas: 608

Precio: Euro 38.12

From The Jacket

India, in this chronology of events, stands for the country as it is today and as it was before the Partition in 1947. it takes off from 1424 BC, the years widely accepted by historians as that of the Battle of Mahabharata. Until the end of the 17th century, it mostly covers historical events with reference to matters concerning religion as well as the lives of Luminaries. From the 18th century onwards, the chronology gradually embraces various aspects of the national panorama, including social reforms, law, politics, literature, education, sports, science, discoveries, inventions, industry, communications, cinema, etc. These are interspersed with anecdotes to make the book more interesting. The present edition has been revised till 2005.

Divided into four, the encyclopaedia contain (A) a chronology of events, yearwise, with cross-reference to other years, (B) arrangement of the events by calendar dates, (c) a list of important dynasties, and (D) a full index section, as well as an extra feature, ‘First time in India’ – General and Woman.

Mr S B Bhattacherje (b. 1922), through not a historian, is keenly interested in developing a chronological record of various events in India.

His specialisation in ‘Sales Management’ demanded extensive traveling all over the country during his service career with Imperial Chemical Industries, Union Carbide and even thereafter. His avocation prompted him to avail of every opportunity to pick up the country’s evolutionary past right at the source, weaving a serialised structure. The outcome of his sustained effort over several years is his unique Encyclopaedia.

Preface to the Fifth Revised Edition

When in 1986 this encyclopaedia saw the light of the day, perhaps it was the first ever such venture by an Indian. Its acceptability encouraged to bring out this fifth revised edition.

Inclusion of hundreds of some events further enriched this edition. To assist readers plenty of cross references of years are given within bracket.

The exhaustive index has more than 11,000 entries to pinpoint any specific information. The index ends with two compilations:

(a) First Time in India (General) (b) First Time in India (Women) These compilations are my tribute to those shining stars whose radiance inspired others to march forward.

Preface to the First Edition

At one time asked to develop a weekly commercial programme for All India Radio based on national events. I acutely felt the absence of any source having a chronological list of events. The idea of compiling such an encyclopaedia thus germinated in my mind.

My professional career necessitated frequent travels all over India. I started picking up threads from here and there to weave them into a texture of national panorama embedded with the events of history, politics, social reform, art, science, literature, cinema, theatre, sports, etc. these are interspersed with anecdotes to make it more interesting reading. This is a single-handed effort of many tears without any financial patronage from any quarter.

The name India in the title has been used in the historical sense till the march of events divided the country into India and Pakistan in 1947. I hope this book will have a universal appeal where India’ past and present progress are studied and discussed. The Indians who live abroad and are separated from the mainstream are likely to find it quite handy. It will also help the upcoming generation to keep themselves abreast with the country’s evolutionary process.

It will be an injustice if do not mention of my wife Kalpana and daughter Urmi, who sacrificed much of their social life on endless evenings while I was at my desk working on this encyclopaedia.


Preface to the fifth revised editionvii

Preface to the first editionviii
Part A:Events by Years

Up to 2000 A.D.A1-A284

2001 A.D. onwardsA285-A290
Part B:Events by Dates

Up to 2000 A.D.B1-B93

2001 A.D. onwardsB93-95
Part C:List of DynastiesC1-C55

President (Rastrapati) of IndiaC 56

Prime Minister of IndiaC 57
Part D:Index

Up to 2000 A.D.D1-D140

2001 A.D. onwardsD141-D143

First Time in India



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