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martes, 24 de mayo de 2011

101 Buddha Stories


101 Buddha Stories

101 Buddha Stories

Código del Artículo: IHL678
Hardcover (Edición: 2009)

Om Books International
ISBN 9789380069586

Tamaño: 10.1 Inch X 7.6 Inch
Páginas: 121 (Illustrated Throughout in Full Color)
Weight of the Book: 615 gms

Precio: Euro 19.06

Back of the Book

The 101 Buddha Stories are Buddhist parables telling tales of Buddha in his previous live when he was called the Bodhisattva or Buddha-to-be. His incarnations included animals as well as human. These stories reflect the travails and experiences the Buddha had to go through to attain the Buddhahood. In format the stories are similar to the Panchatantra and lead up to a moral. But being Buddhist the stories are less matter-of-fact and carry deeply profound esoteric message. The evocative illustration compliment the lucid text making the book a must have in any library.


1The Story of a Sacrifice 5
2The Reward of Honesty 6
3The Hare in the Moon 7
4The Wise King 8
5Being Patient Pays 10
6Conquering Anger 11
7Right and Wrong 12
8The Precious Life 13
9The Wild Pet 14
10The Magic of Patience 15
11The Devoted Wife 16
12True Friendship 17
13The King of the world 18
14The Price of Sin 19
15Life After Death 20
16The Story of Moggallana 21
17The Missing Necklace 22
18Gains of an Ascetic 24
19The Value of Forbearance 25
20The Foolish Son 26
21The Compassionate Deer 27
22The Power of Generosity 28
23The Teacher and the Student 30
24The Power of Devotion 31
25The Story of Mahabodhi 32
26The Begging Monks 33
27The Story of Ruru 34
28Remembering the Promise 36
29Bitterness Grows Bitter 37
30God’s Punishment 38
31The Ugly King 39
32The power of Virtue 40
33The Sacrifice 42
34The Value of Kindness 43
35The Virtuous King 44
36The Elephant with Six Tusks 45
37The Wise Stag 46
38The Deceitful Crow 47
39The Prince and The She Devil 48
40The Superstitious Brahmin 50
41A Good Disciple 51
42The Reward of Honesty 52
43Baby Peacock 53
44The Flight of Sakka 54
45The Great Sage 55
46Unity Brings Happiness 56
47The Wicked Ascetic 57
48Passing the Test 58
49The Quail 60
50The Devoted Son 61
51Heaven and Hell 62
52One Gray Hair 63
53Wastefulness is Bad 64
54The Mischievous Monkey 65
55Two Ascetics 66
56The Jealous King 67
57True Love 68
58Arrogance Can Kill 70
59A Small Portion of Gruel 71
60The Great Horse 72
61The Foolish Disciple 73
62Pride Comes Before Fall 74
63The Clever Robber 75
64The Pious Naga 76
65Overconfidence Destroys 78
66The Merchant and the Vultures 79
67Learning to Listen 80
68The Righteous King 82
69Good To all 83
70Wrong Friends 84
71Great Gift 85
72The King’s Nightmare 86
73The Foolish Wife 87
74Right Use of Knowledge 88
75The Magical Spell 90
76The Greedy Ascetic 91
77The Wishing Cup 92
78The Power of Faith 93
79Auspicious Words 94
80The True Wealth 96
81False Promise 97
82The Judge 98
83The Lotus Stalks 99
84The Prince Becomes an ascetic 100
85The Wild Elephant 102
86The Good King 103
88The Righteous Chaplain 106
89The Pigeon and the Ascetic 107
90The Wealthy Ascetic 108
91The Right Groom 109
92The Steadfast Monk 110
93The Two Parrots 111
94The Story of Ayogriha 112
95Racing with the Sun 114
96The Grateful Files 115
97The Monk’s Dilemma 116
98Truthfulness Pays 117
99The Helpful Spirit 118
100Treasure in the Well 119
101The Wise Crow 120

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