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viernes, 20 de mayo de 2011

Discovery of Truth Immortality


Discovery of Truth & Immortality

Discovery of Truth & Immortality

Código del Artículo: IDF305

por Swami Ramsukhdas

Paperback (Edición: 2004)

Gita Press
ISBN 8129300974

Tamaño: 7.9" X 5.2"
Páginas: 235
Weight of the Book: 255 gms
Precio: Euro 3.81


There are two things. One of them is to be created (Produced), while the other is to be discovered. The thing, which neither existed nor will exist, is created; while the thing, which has been existent and will also exist, is discovered. From this point of view, the thing, which is unreal (untrue), is created; while the thing, which is real (true) is discovered. An aspirant is he, who is engaged in the discovery of truth. This book is extremely useful for the seekers to discover truth and to realize immortality. Therefore it is requested to the readers that they should study this book seriously, reflect upon it and attain the objective of their human life.

This book is the combined English version of the two Hindi books 'Satya Ki Khoja' and 'Amarata Ki Ora' by most revered Shri Swami Ramsukhdasji Maharaja.

- Publisher

Topic Page No.
1. Discovery of Truth 1
2. Salvation and Love (Devotion) 14
3. Jnana (Knowledge) with Vijnana (Manifest Divinity) 19
4. Yoga (Karmayoga - Jnanayoga - Bhaktiyoga) 33
5. An Easy and Quick Means to Realize God 45
6. An Easy way to Attain Salvation 52
7. Renunciation Leads to Salvation 60
8. We Are God's 71
9. Our Real Abode 78
10. Singularity of Chanting the Holy Name 84
11. Think Over 89
12. Acceptance of Truth Leads to Salvation 96
13. Perception of Immorality 107
14. Self-realization without the Feeling of Ego 122
15. Discrimination between the Real and the Unreal 142
16. Attainment of the Ever-Attained Reality 166
17. The Means of Beholding God Everywhere 177
18. Singularity of Devotion 192
19. Perfection of Human Life in Awakening of Love 202
20. Special Grace of God in Unfavourableness 210
21. Determination of Next Life on the Basis of Death Time Thoughts 215

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