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The Discovery of Ancient India: Early Archaeologists and the Beginnings of Archaeology


The Discovery of Ancient India: Early Archaeologists and the Beginnings of Archaeology

The Discovery of Ancient India: Early Archaeologists and the Beginnings of Archaeology

Libros > Historia > The Discovery of Ancient India: Early Archaeologists and the Beginnings of Archaeology
Viendo del 457 de 1581

Código del Artículo: IDE155

por Upinder Singh

Hardcover (Edición: 2004)

Permanent Black
ISBN 81-7824-088-2

Tamaño: 8.8" X 5.8"
Páginas: 400 (B & W Illus: 27)
630 gms

Precio: Euro 34.30

From the Jacket:

This book breaks colonial archaeology down into its specific constituents and examines the ideas, impulses, tensions, and individual contributions that comprised early studies of India's ancient past. It focuses, at the outset, on the ideas and work of Alexander of the Archeological Survey of India in 1871. It also examines the contribution of Cunningham's assistants, Beglar and Carlleyle.

It then looks at a number of related issues - the different definitions of archaeological research; the conflict between field archaeologists and architectural scholars; the debate over whether antiquities should be left in situ or removed to museums; the different approaches and initiatives towards the conversion of historical monuments.

It also reconstructs the history of certain important Buddhist sites - Bodh Gaya, Sanchi, and Bharhut - during the second half of the nineteenth century, while giving a detailed account of the life - history of the site of Amaravati.

Finally, it looks at the contribution made by Indian scholars to the antiquarian and archaeological projects, and at the interaction between the colonial government and the Indian prince vis-o-vis the conservation of historical monuments.

This book is written as much for the general reader interested in India's antiquity and its pioneering archaeologists, as for students of the history of archaeology, colonialism, and constructions of the past.

About the Author:

Upinder Singh teaches ancient history at St Stephen's College, Delhi. She is the author of Kings, Brahmanas and Temples in Orissa: An Epigraphic Study, AD 300-1147 (1994); Ancient Delhi (1999); and a book for children, Mysteries of the Past: Archaeological Sites in India (2002). Her scholars articles have appeared in World Archaeology, The Indian Economic and Social History Review, The Indian Historical Review, Man and Environment, and South Asian Studies.





1Form Antiquarianism to Archaeology1

The Surveyors2

The Antiquarians6

The Adventurers17

Early Archaeological Writings21
2Alexander Cunningham: Engineer and Antiquarian23

Cunningham's Career: A Sketch24

Cunningham and Prinsep25

Early Numismatic Writings28

The Journey to the Sources of Punjab's Rivers30

More Journeys to Remote Places: Ladakh32

The Temples of Kashmir34

On the Trail of Chinese Pilgrims36

Ladakh: Physical, Statistical, and Historical40

The Bhilsa Topes44
3The First Archaeological Survey53

The Background53

The Proposal57

Bihar and the North-Western Provinces 1861-260

The North-Western Provinces 1862-366

The Punjab 1863-470

Rajputana and Malwa 1864-573

The Suspension of the Archaeological Survey75
4Director General of the Archaeological Survey of India77

A New Initiative79

'Investigating, Describing, Protecting…'81

Cunningham's Plan of Action83

Report for the Year 1871-285

The Punjab and Yusufzai 1872-392

The Central Provinces 1873-4 and 1874-5100

Bundelkhand and Malwa 1874-5 and 1876-7102

Tours in the Gangetic Provinces 1875-6 and 1877-8104

Tour in the Punjab 1878-9107

Tour in Bihar and Bengal 1879-80111

Tours in North and South Bihar 1880-1112

Tour in the Central Provinces and Lower Gangetic Doab 1881-2114

Tour in Eastern Rajputana 1882-3115

Bundelkhand and Rewa (1883-4), and Rewa, Bundelkhand, Malwa, and Gwalior (1884-5)117

Other Writings119

The Promotion of Epigraphic Research124

Photographic Documentation127

The Director General and the Government128

Cunningham and His Contemporaries131
5J.D.M. Beglar: Enthusiastic Apprentice135

Beglar's Survey of Delhi 1871-2137

Tours in Bundelkhand and Malwa 1871-2141

Tour through the Bengal Provinces 1872-3143

Tour in the Central Provinces 1873-4148

Tour in the South-Eastern Provinces 1874-6150

The Reorganization of the Survey and the Beglar-Burgess Conflict153
6A.C.L. Carlleyle: Amateur Prehistorian158

Report on Agra159

The Rajputana Tour161

Tours in the Central Doab and Gorakhpur 1874-6166

Further Explorations in the Gorakhpur, Saran and Ghazipur district 1875-7169

More Tours in Gorakhpur, Saran and Ghazipur Districts, 1877-80172

Discoveries, and a Time of Trouble175

AN Estimate: A Rediscovery181
7The Description and Care of Monuments184

Early Conservation Measures185

James Burgess and the Archaeological Surveys of Western and Southern India188

H.H. Cole: Curator of Ancient Monuments199

In situ Preservation versus the Removal of Antiquities to Museums212

Cunningham and Conservation 215

The Restoration of the Bodh Gaya Temple218


The Bharhut Stupa239

8The Dismembering of the Amaravati Stupa249

The Discovery of Amaravati and the First Documentation250

The 'Elliot Marbles'257

James Fergusson and the 'Elliot Marbles'260

Boswell's Report263

Sewell Offers His Services265

Sewell's Operations267

Horsfall Steps In271

Burgess versus Cole274

Cole's Recommendations279

Cunningham's Verdict283

The Removal of the Amaravati Sculptures to the Madras Museum284

9The 'Ignorant Natives' and Archaeological Research290

Ancient Remains in the Princely States292

The Begum of Bhopal and her History296

Other Princely States299

The Contribution of Indian Scholars305

Ram Raz: The First Modern Indian Architectural Scholar308

The Debate on 'Native' Involvement in the Archaeological Survey312

P.C. Mukharji: Archeologist316

Rajendralala Mitra322

Other Contributions334
10Archaeology, Sites, and Monuments in Nineteenth-century India337

Assessing the Cunningham Era of India Archaeology341

The Modern History of Ancient Sites and Monuments349



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