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viernes, 10 de junio de 2011

Dhanurveda (The Vedic Military Science)


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      Dhanurveda (The Vedic Military Science)

      Dhanurveda (The Vedic Military Science)

      Viendo del 98 de 1573
      Libros > Historia > Dhanurveda (The Vedic Military Science)

      Código del Artículo: IHL141

      por Dr. Ravi Prakash Arya

      Hardcover (Edición: 2008)

      Indian Foundation for Vedic Science, Rohtak, Haryana
      ISBN 8187710497

      Tamaño: 8.7 inch X 5.7 inch
      Páginas: 230
      Weight of the Book: 420 gms

      Precio: Euro 22.87

      From the Jacket

      Dhanurveda, the standard work on Vedic military science being lost, the dissertations on the science found in the Mahabharata, the Agni Purana, Akasa Bhairava Tantra, Kautalya Arthasastra, Manusmrti, and other small works on Dhanurveda like Ausanas Dhanurveda, Vasistha Dhanurveda, Sadasiva Dhanurveda and Niti Prakasika are the only source of information on the subject left to us.

      The present work takes into account all the data available with the present author in fragment form or manuscript form or the published form of various treatises of Dhanurveda, so that a factual and actual picture of military science or the science of warfare in ancient India may be drawn for the modern day readers and researchers.

      The present work also contains the English Translation of the Vasistha and Sadasiva Dhanurvedas as appendix 1 & 2 with illustrations wherever necessary.

      Dr. Ravi Prakash Arya is World renowned Vedic Scholar, Philologist, historian and philosopher. He is a prolific speaker and writer. he is a prolific speaker and writer. he is widely traveled scholar who has delivered more than 150 popular and academic talks on various topics of Vedas, Indian History, Linguistics, Philosophy, Culture and Scientific Indian heritage in various countries of the world. he has delivered more than a dozen Radio and TV Talks in Bharata, Canada, USA, Trinidad, Surinam and British Guyana. He has participated in more than 50 National and International Conferences and Seminars in India and Abroad. He is doing a pioneering work for preserving and propagating the universal and scientific Vedic heritage of India under the auspices of ‘Indian Foundation for Vedic science’. He has so far produced around 60 research papers and 28 books running into 38 volumes on the various aspects of Vedas, Indian History and Culture. He is also editing for the last ten years a quarterly Research Journal ‘Vedic Science’ dealing with the scientific interpretation of Vedas & Allied literature and ancient Indian traditions. This Journal has a wide circulation and acclaimed as an authoritative document on Vedic Sciences. He is also the editor of annual ‘World Vedic Calendar’ circulated through more than 10 countries of the world.


      The present work by Dr. Ravi Prakash Arya is dedicated to the sweet memories of our Dad Dr. Shikharchand H Jhaveri. He was born into a noble Aristocratic Jain Family from Vadodara Gujrat, India. His father had died very early age and his mom left home to become a Jain Monk. With extreme hardships, he became one of the first Jain Medical Doctor of Vadodara. He never forgot his hardships. He served his patients with utmost passion, dedication and competence. He financially supported blood donation camps for needy and poor patients throughout his life and helped thousands of patients. He used to give away free of cost an Ayurvedic born ointment named ‘Ral’ which was a great pain reliever and healer. He never revealed the secret formula to anyone for the fear of commercialization. He generously supported eye-camps and helped many with proper eyesight. His wife (my Mom) always supported all his works whole heatedly. He was a simple man of a great wisdom. He donated his house in city to Jain monks. He gave best education to his children. They are all medical doctors now. His philanthropic activities were too numerous to be mentioned here. After a short but fatal illness, his soul departed in 1994 to merge with the Almighty Parmatma

      We (his family members : Ms. Ramaben (wife), Dr. Harish Jhaveri, radiologist, Dr. Mrs. Shaila Atul, gynaecologist, Dr. Mrs. Dipika Doctor, Dr. Dilip (myself) urologist, Sejal Doctor, Suzanne Doctor) will always remember his legacy and continue to help one and all to the best of our capacity.

      Introduction 1
      Defence Planning 6
      General National Service 7
      War Tactics 8
      War when to be fought 9
      Constitution of Defence Forces 11
      Armed force 11
      Air Force 12
      Naval Force 13
      Selection of Defence Personnel 15
      Qualifications of a Commander 15
      Qualifications of a Warrior 16
      Special Honour for Brave Warriors 17
      Military Training 20
      Periods Suitable for Military Training 20
      Classification of Preceptors 20
      Method of Imparting Training 21
      Military Arrays 22
      Syenavyuha 28
      Krauncavyuha 28
      Sakatavyuha 28
      Sinhavyuha 29
      Cakravyuha 29
      Padmavyuha 31
      Sarpavyuha 32
      Agnivyuha 33
      Divisions of Fighting 36
      Equipment for the Army 37
      Classification of Weapons 39
      Mantra Operated Weapons 41
      Pasupatastra 42
      Brahmastra 42
      Agneyastra 43
      Varunastra 43
      Vayavastra 43
      Parjnyastra 43
      Antardhanastra 43
      Nagastra 43
      Mahendrastra 43
      Aksisammarjanastra 43
      Ayojala 44
      Atharvanastra 44
      Asurastra 44
      Isikastra 44
      Gandharvastra 44
      Narayanastra 44
      Pramohanastra 44
      Parjanyastra 44
      Other Divyastras 44
      Combat Weapons (Nagastra, Bhargavastra, Atharvanastra, Isikastra, Agneyastra) 45
      Mantrika Technology 45
      Missiles 45
      Divine wars 48
      Yantra (Machine) operated Weapons 49
      Sataghni 49
      Arrows 53
      Bows 57
      Firearms 60
      Bullets 61
      Cannons 62
      Rockets 62
      Machine Throwing Liquids 63
      Gunpowder 64
      Manually Operated Weapons 67
      Daggers 67
      Swords 68
      Explosives 68
      Difference between Training and Service Weapons 70
      Text of Sadasiva Dhanurveda 71
      Selection for Military Training 71
      Types of Fighting 73
      Classification of Perceptors 73
      Shooting Techniques 75
      The Types and Size of a Bow 76
      Prohibited Bows 78
      The Characteristics of a Bow-string 81
      Arrowheads Type 83
      Functions of Arrow-heads 84
      The Feathers of Arrows 85
      Types of Arrows 86
      The Methods of Tempering of Arrow-heads 87
      Types of Rounds 89
      Shooter’s Standing Positions, Grips and modes of Shooting 90
      Grips or Positions of Release 96
      Methods of drawing the Bow 98
      Drawing of Bow-string 100
      Types of Targets 104
      Aiming or Shooting of Rounds 107
      Intermissions in Shooting 108
      Shooting Practice 109
      Breath Control in Shooting 110
      Perfect Shooting 112
      Fast Shooting 113
      Rules for various shooting Ranges 113
      Movement of Arrows 114
      Missed Targets 115
      The Successful Targets 116
      Characteristic of a Best Warrior 117
      Four Tough Targets 118
      Technical Fight 119
      Classification of Shooters 120
      Hitting the moving Targets 121
      Shooting at Sound 121
      Military Exercise 123
      Medication 124
      Count of Aksauhini Army 127
      Battle Formations 130
      War Ethics 133
      Symptoms of Victory 133
      Text of Vasistha’s Dhanurveda 136
      Rights of Teaching and Learning Dhanur 137
      Selection for Military Training 138
      Types of Fighting 139
      Classification of Perceptors 139
      Shooting Techniques 141
      Type and Size of a Bow142
      Prohibited Bows 144
      The Material for Bow-making 146
      The Characteristics of a Bow-string 147
      Qualities of an Arrow 148
      The Feathers of Arrows 149
      Types of Arrows 150
      Arrow-heads types 151
      Functions of various Arrow-heads 153
      The Methods of Tempering Arrowheads 154
      Types of Rounds 155
      Shooter’s standing positions 157
      Grips or Positions of Release 162
      Methods of Drawing the Bow 164
      Drawing of Bowstring 166
      Types of Targets 170
      Target Practice 172
      Aiming or Shooting of Rounds 173
      Intermissions in Shooting 175
      Shooting Practice 176
      Breath Control in Shooting 177
      Perfect Shooting 179
      Fast Shooting 180
      Rules for Various Shooting Ranges 180
      Movement of Arrows 181
      Missed Targets 182
      Successful Targets 183
      Four Tough Targets 184
      Technical Fight 186
      Classification of Shooter 187
      Hitting the Moving Targets 188
      Method of Shooting 188
      Shooting at Sound 189
      Military Exercise 190
      Missiles 192
      Mantrika Operation of Missiles 193
      Pasupatastra 195
      Medication 197
      Battle Formations 200
      War Ethics 201
      Symptoms of Victory 202
      Military Arrays 203
      Staff Array 204
      Car Array 204
      Ant Array 205
      Commandments to the Army 205
      Infantry 206
      Training of Horses 209
      Training of Elephants 209
      Chariots 209
      Selection of Commander in Chief 210
      Training and Education 210
      The Ethics of the War 211
      Select Bibliography 212

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