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martes, 5 de julio de 2011

The Secrets of Bhakti (As Narrated By Sage Narad) (With CD)


The Secrets of Bhakti (As Narrated By Sage Narad) (With CD)

The Secrets of Bhakti (As Narrated By Sage Narad) (With CD)

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Código del Artículo: NAC175

por Taoshobuddha

Paperback (Edición: 2009)

Sterling Publishers Pvt. Ltd
ISBN 9788120744394

Tamaño: 8.4 inch X 5.4 inch
Páginas: 240
Weight of the Book: 345 gms

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Introduction by Prof. Rattan Lal Hangloo

May the ripples that this classic the secrets of Bhakti creates within you continue to linger in your being erelong like the dissolving notes of a sweet melody.

An enlightened Taoshobuddha Overflows: Bhakti is the Union of formless to formless Bhakti nirakar se nirakar ka Milan hai.

With mastery of language and phonics clarity of thought and the understanding of the subject matter Taoshobuddha overflows the inner secrets of Bhakti as revealed by Sage Narad. The entire classic is the poetry of the being. Sing and dance your way to being along this voyage with Taoshobuddha as he unravels these secrets of Bhakti. The entire overflow is life a pristine elixir gushing from the being of the master. Taoshobuddha towards you. Drink it to your heart’s content. Life will attain a new meaning.

Born in a Sufi Family of Enlightened Masters on 6th Feb 1951 Enlightened Taoshobuddha officially known as Brij K. Saksena majored in Economics taught at Kanpur University in India and authored many books on Economics. In 1981 he migrated to Trinidad in West Indies where he started a business but his eternal quest continued. He felt the need for the expansion and transformation of human consciousness. And thus began his first Radio programs in 1990 as hour of introspection. Later in 2005 he began another series of inspiration programs called whispers of the unknown. Thus the work of transforming human consciousness continues. As part of his works he conducts mediation yagnas and talks in Trinidad and worldwide. He is the author of meditation. The way to self realization his upcoming works are leaves from a Sufi Heart Vol. 1: leaves from a Sufi heart vol.2 Japji Songs of Nanak Dev Ji; and Mediation; The Ultimate in healing


The path of devotion is very sacred and sublime. Love which is spontaneous is the essential core of this path that leads to ultimate fruition of human consciousness. Bhakti is most easy. Yet still aspirants find it very difficult. The Problems is not with the path. In fact it deals with your understanding. Once this understanding comes the path becomes easy to travel on.

What is so difficult then? It is said god created man in his image. This does not mean that God looks like you. If this is what you understand when the scriptures say god created man in his image then you are mistaken. And this will create problems for you along the path. If this be true then just like you god should have many religions many colors, shapes, gender, and nationalities etc. Mystics say it is not so. God has no form, no shape. He is both far and near. Certain attributes such as compassion or love, harmony, understanding only it can be said…! Also there comes a deep understanding of the cosmic law only then can it be said that you are in the image of God.

Secondly the consciousness that is given to you in its purest form is now encaged in the domain of senses! Your energy moves only through the lower centers and thus does not reach the heart centre. This energy needs to reach this center before devotion could be possible and overflow may happen.

Because of all this you continue to impose your wishes. You want everything to happen your way. Everything happens in this cosmos in a unique way. There exists a synergetic harmony. Hindus refer to this as the unheard uncreated cosmic sound of AUM. You need to flow in harmony with this cosmic harmony. Buddha says the moment you accept all that is happening that very moment you are enlightened or it can be said you attain to realization. This is the key to devotion.

The present treatise is an overflow by Taoshobuddha on the Bhakti Sutras of Sage Narad. Narad takes an aspirant along the path. The path of devotion of devotion runs through the entire spiritual traditions of the Aryans as a glimmering stream of golden effulgence soaked in ecstasy. The path contains the songs of lament and joy. The entire Puranic Literature is aglow with emotions of love for the lord; many paths are there. Krishna concludes that whichever path an aspirant may follow ultimately he will reach him.

Scriptures narrate a traditional story where Sage Narad meets the sage Veda Vyas on the banks of river Saraswati and how Narad makes Vyas accept that the path of Knowledge alone is dry and sapless. He also explains how without devotion for the Lord and his glories spiritual seeking is futile and without joy. Vyas accepted this and undertook to write the portrayal of Krishna as Bhagavantam. In the light of this it is clear that even through he might not have composed these sutras yet still it is right to dedicate these sutras to Narad.

As the greatest champion of the path of devotion this wandering saints an eternal devotee of Sri Narayana. Narad alone can instruct an aspirant along this path of love. Maybe through this we develop courage of conviction to life this divine love and thus come to explore fulfillment through this overflow.

In the beginning of creation god became unmanifest and thus you came into existence. And yet still god remains unmanifest hidden in his entire creation. The seed that can transform your being from the present state of chaos is hidden within you. All you need to do is to manifest all those attributes that are the quality of God and remain unmanifest through your being and actions. This is the attainment of devotion. Where do you seek me, O Feel, I am within you!

I am reminded of an anecdote. Many centuries ago there were two friends. One was blind and the other lame. Together they lived and sought alms for their livelihood. Both were devotees. The blind would carry the lame on his shoulders the lame would give directions. One day a fight broke between them over a trivial matter as normally happens around us. The two beat up one another. Blood stained the two remained uncared for. God felt compassionate and decided to help them alleviate their problems so he came or earth. That was the time when god used to visit the earth and his disciples regularly. So first he went to the blind man consoled him and took care of him. He asked him that if he had any wish. He would certainly fulfill it. Then god went to the lame man and in his usual way took care of him. To him too he asked to seek a boon. Do you know what did these two once friends and still devotees ask god? The blind man said, if you are really pleased with my prayers and worship and want to grant a boon please make the lame man blind as well this is his punishment. God got surprised. He then decided to ask the lame man what he wanted as his boon. On being asked the lame man said O father! If you are really pleased with my prayers and want to grant me a boon then please cut off the legs of the blind man so that he cannot walk. I do not seek anything for me. This is the only boon I seek of you. This is the way we pray. You can see this happening around you.



Eti Sri Narad Bhakti Sutra



Narad – A Biographical Sketch

Athato Bhakti Vyakhyasyamah – A Prelude
Chapter 1

Section 1 Bhakti – The Love Divine Sutras 1-6 2
Section 2 Uniqueness of love divine Sutras 7-14 17
Section 3 Definitions of love divine Sutras 15-24 40
Chapter 2

Section 1 Para Bhakti Sutras 25-27 59
Section 2 Kindling love divine Sutras 28-33 63
Chapter 3

Section 1 Aid to Love Divine Sutras 34-37 72
Section 2 Magic of Satsangha Sutras 38-42 82
Section 3 Dangers of Bad Company Sutras 43-4591
Chapter 4

Section 1 Role of Maya Sutras 46-48106
Section 2 Who Crosses Maya Sutras 49-50114
Chapter 5

Section 1 Types of Love Divine Sutras 51-55118
Section 2 Secondary Love Sutras 56-57127
Chapter 6

Section 1 Practice of love Sutras 58-60134
Section 2 Obstacles in the path Sutras 61-66140
Chapter 7

Section 1 Primary Love Sutras 67-69152
Section 2 Glory of the masters Sutras 70-73157
Chapter 8

Section 1 Obstacles and Remedies Sutras 74-75165
Section 2 Pilgrimage of love Sutras 76-79168
Chapter 9

Section 1 Fruits of Supreme love Sutras 80-81176
Section 2 Ways to express love Sutras 82180
Chapter 10

Section 1 Masters of Devotion Sutras 83187
Section 2 On the masters Sutras 84191


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