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martes, 5 de julio de 2011

Golden Temple


Golden Temple

Golden Temple

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Código del Artículo: NAC159

por Parm Bakshish Singh , Devinder Kumar Verma, R.K. Ghai & Gursharn Singh

Hardcover (Edición: 1999)

Punjabi University Patiala
ISBN 8173805695

Tamaño: 9.6 inch X 6.5 inch
Páginas: 264 (16 Color Illustrations
Weight of the Book: 580 gms

Precio: Euro 22.87


The year 1999 is celebrated all over the world as the tercentenary year of the creation of the Khalsa. The issue in hand of the Punjab past & present journal is a humble tribute to the tenth master. Harmandir Sahib has always remained the source of inspiration and strength for the Sikh community. Throughout the history this holiest of the holy of Sikh shrines had remained the nucleus of Sikh life and faith. It is an integrated complex crystallizing the principle of equality and unity espoused by the panth. Darbar Sahib has served as the principle place of inspiration direction and rallying centre of the Sikhs. It became the chief centre of Sikh inspiration and carried the message of Sikhism far and wide. It is virtually a paradise for those who are interested in transcendental realities of life or the profound truth of human existence. Even during the darkest period of the community when the Sikhs were driven form their holy city and forced to live in the jungles as hunted men with prices on their heads nothing could dim their determination to liberate the golden temple and return to Amritsar.

The fourth Sikh Guru founded the city of Ramdaspur in 1577 A.D. Ramdaspur is now called Amritsar. The construction of the Harmandir popularly called Darbar Sahib most sacred of the Sikh shrines was first completed in 1589 during the pontificate of guru Arjan the fifth Sikh Guru. Guru’s idea to built the place of worship in the middle of the amrit sarovar was in itself and marvelous.

The present structure of the Golden Temple is the result of strenuous efforts undertaken at different times by different persons. Credit for rebuilding of the temple goes to Sikh Sardars of Misl period and particularly to Sardar Jassa Singh Ahluwalia who raised the exquisite building on the site where the original former building was demolished by Ahmad Shah Durrani. Maharaja Ranjit Singh his son Maharaja Kharak Singh and his grandson Kanwar Nao Nihal Singh added to the beauty with exquisite work in gold. Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s reverence to this holy place is explicated from the often visits to the place to pay the homage. Due to the adornment of Harmandir he will be remembered by the posterity to come.

The present volume includes number of research papers and articles by the leading authorities pertaining to the subject. These articles throw light on different aspects of this holy shrine i.e. historical, aesthetic, spiritual, artistic architectural etc. these articles are humble attempts to visualize the glory and magnificence and may be lacking in number of ways to truly comprehenced this abode of God.

We deem it our privilege to record our sense of indebtedness to our worthy vice-Chancellor Prof. J.S. Puar for the help and guidance in the preparation of this volume without whose personal interest the publication of this volume would not have materialized.

Our thanks are also due to Prof. D.N. Pannigrahi for his valuable suggestions regarding edition of the articles Dr. Hazara Singh, Technical Advisor publication Bureau needs special thanks for the early printing execution and presentation of this prestigious publication.


1The Golden Lotus of AmritsarMarguerite Allen1
2Harmandir: An inspiring force of
the Sikh struggle for independence (1721-1767)
Bharat Singh 8
3Personality, Motivation and
Achievements of Sardar Jassa Singh Ahluwalia
with special Reference to
his contributions to the Golden Temple
Madanjit Kaur 17
4Sain Mian Mir Sardar Jassa Singh
Ahluwalia and Darbar Sahib
Gurcharan Singh 27
5Harmandir Sahib During the Misal period Devinder Kumar Verma 30
6The Golden TempleJagjiwan Mohan Walia 34
7Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s Dedication to
Harmandir Sahib
Gurubachan Singh Nayyar 40
8Darbar Sahib Amritsar and
Maharaja Ranjit Singh
Kirpal Singh 45
9Harmandir: Its Genesis as the Gurdwara InstitutionJ.S. Rekhi 51
10The Harmandir Sahib – in
Historical perspective
M.L. Ahluwalia 57
11Harmandir and Around:
A morphological Study)
Anand Gauba 64
12British efforts to Gain Control
of the Golden temple 1844-63
Navtej Singh 71
13Shri Harmandir Sahib in the European
travel Literature Early 19th Century
Kulwinder Singh Bajwa 76
14Harmandir Sahib; Tank Temple
Complex in Bengali writings
Himadri Banerjee 83
15Handle with great care:
British Actions towards the Sikhs
and the Golden Temple in the
Last half of the 19th century
Ian J. Kerr87
16A Critique of Ian J. Kerr’s Study of
British Relations with the
golden Temple 1849-90
Nazer Singh100
17The Jalau in the golden Temple Gursharan Singh 109
18The Harmandir and
Maharaja Ranjit Singh
Madanjit Kaur 115
19Golden Temple Symbol of Piety and Heroism Ganda Singh120
20Granth Sahib in Harmandir Harbans Singh 127
21Establishment o the Golden Temple
as envisaged in Guru ki Bani
Pritam Singh Safeer131
22Darbar Sahib – The Focal Point
of the Sikh faith
Gurdarshan Singh Dhillon135
23The golden Temple
Its Theo-political status
Kapur Singh 144
24Where spiritual ambrosia flows:
explicating the spirit and form
of the Golden Temple
Satish K. Kappor160
25Guru Nanak Hinduism and IslamW. Owen Cole 171
26The City of Golden Temple
according to Guru Arjan
Surjeet Hans 179
27The House of Nanak and
Its Relevance to Modern Times
Gopal Singh 185
28The Concept of Sangat and PangatG.S. Deol199
29Holiness of Harmandir Sahib Satish K. Kapoor 204
30Art and Architecture
of the Golden Temple
Madanjit kaur212
31The Glorious architect
of Harmandir
Wazir Singh 224
32The Golden Temple:
A Synthesis of styles
D.S. Bhui231
33The Golden Temple:
A Spiritual marvel in Architecture
S.S. Bhatti235
34Darshani Gate and its portals
(The Golden Temple Amritsar)
P.S. Arshi243
35Select Chronology of Harmandir SahibD.K. Verma249
36Select Bibliography of Harmandir SahibD.K. Verma251

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El Templo Dorado, conocido en la India como Harmandir Sahib, es un templo sij ubicado en la localidad india de Amritsar, cerca de la frontera pakistaní (en el estado de Panyab).

Peregrino frente al Templo Dorado.

Los sijs lo consideran su templo más sagrado y deben peregrinar allí, para orar y ofrecer sus plegarias, al menos una vez en la vida.



[editar] Etimología

El Harmandir Sahib es conocido mayormente en el mundo occidental como Templo Dorado o Templo de Oro de Amritsar.

Su nombre tiene distintas variantes:

  • ਹਰਿਮੰਦਰ ਸਾਹਿਬ o ਹਰਿਮੰਦਿਰ ਸਾਹਿਬ
  • Hari Mandir (Templo de Hari, siendo hari: ‘Dios’, y mandira: ‘templo’)
  • Harimandira Sahib
  • Harimandir Sahib
  • Harimandar
  • Darbar Sahib (Templo de Dios)

[editar] Historia

[editar] Asalto

El líder sij Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale y sus seguidores se refugiaron en el templo durante su intentona independentista. Entonces la primera ministra Indira Gandhi ordenó la operación Bluestar (estrella azul) para arrestar a Bhindranwale y destruir sus fuerzas. Entre los días 3 y 6 de junio de 1984, el Ejército de la India asaltó el interior del Templo Dorado. La operación fue encabezada por el general Kaldip Singh Brar, de la 9.ª división de infantería. Murieron muchos de los seguidores de Bhindranwale, algunos soldados del Gobierno y muchos visitantes religiosos a los que se les prohibió abandonar el templo una vez que comenzaron los intensos tiroteos. Un recuento oficial declaró que murieron 83 soldados y 492 civiles.1

Muchos sijs consideraron el ataque como una profanación a su sitio más sagrado. Indira Gandhi fue asesinada por dos de sus guardaespaldas (ambos sijs) el 31 de octubre de 1984.

Akal Takht tal como se veía en 2008

El Gobierno federal indio de Rajiv Gandhi ordenó realizar reparaciones sobre el Templo (sin ninguna consulta a los sijs). En 1986, los sijs eliminaron todas las reparaciones. En 1999 se terminó un nuevo templo, con fondos y mano de obra aportado por los peregrinos.

[editar] Notas

  1. Varinder Walia: «Army reveals startling facts on Bluestar: Says Longowal surrendered», en el periódico The Tribune de Chandigarh, 20 de marzo de 2007.

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Harmandir Sahib ...
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Day Harmandir Sahib
443 × 463 - 30 k - jpg
Sri Harmandir Sahib
400 × 300 - 25 k - jpg
Harmandir Sahib during
458 × 700 - 55 k - jpg
Wallpaper of Harmandir
1024 × 768 - 114 k - jpg
It was officially renamed
649 × 556 - 141 k - jpg
Harmandir Sahib, The
640 × 480 - 123 k - jpg
Laying down carpets….in
700 × 458 - 61 k - jpg
Harmandir Sahib at Night
1024 × 654 - 283 k - jpg
Harmandir sahib. Asset
480 × 480 - 71 k - jpg
Devotees are seen doing
970 × 526 - 204 k - jpg
चित्र:Harmandir Sahib
1200 × 1600 - 1501 k - jpeg
Harmandir Sahib Amritsar
550 × 412 - 46 k - jpg
El Templo Dorado, también
530 × 352 - 71 k - jpg
Sri Harmandir Sahib
289 × 253 - 29 k - jpg
Harmandir sahib. Asset
480 × 480 - 66 k - jpg
File:Sikh pilgrim at the
3008 × 2000 - 2799 k - jpg
Another picture of the
640 × 480 - 117 k - jpg
harmandir sahib, golden
722 × 600 - 120 k - jpg
A view of Harmandir Sahib
1600 × 1200 - 989 k - jpg
Golden Temple (Harmandir
3072 × 2048 - 3081 k - jpg
Golden Temple, Amritsar,
720 × 540 - 69 k - jpg
Harmandir Sahib. Infobox
2048 × 1536 - 782 k - jpg
Do; Learn; Buy; Eat;
400 × 266 - 20 k - jpg
800 × 600 - 79 k - jpg
Harmandir Sahib by Jasbir
550 × 440 - 100 k - jpg
File:Akal Takht and
3637 × 2117 - 1735 k - jpg
The Harmandir Sahib, now
800 × 600 - 56 k - jpg
Golden Temple - Harmandir
369 × 500 - 149 k - jpg
Wooden replica of the
450 × 348 - 66 k - jpg
Tell President Obama to
570 × 370 - 61 k - jpg
Harmandir Sahib, also know
450 × 326 - 33 k - jpg
Sri Harmandir Sahib
1024 × 501 - 136 k - jpg
Pool of Nectar around
800 × 600 - 93 k - jpg
rahulsonu7.wapka.mobi |
990 × 630 - 91 k - jpg
... ago published 841 days
800 × 535 - 107 k - jpg
File:Harmandir Sahib lit
3008 × 2000 - 5369 k - jpg
Sri Harmandir Sahib, The
400 × 300 - 38 k - jpg
Sri Harmandir Sahib
1024 × 768 - 115 k - jpg
Temple Harmandir Sahib is
490 × 321 - 36 k - jpg


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